Quaestiones theologiae

La pubblicazione dell’edizione critica delle Quaestiones theologiae di Stefano Langton è in corso nella collana “Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi”, pubblicata dalla British Academy per i tipi della Oxford University Press. Sono previsti cinque volumi:

  1. Volume I, edited by Riccardo Quinto and Magdalena Bieniak (2014): The volume offers the first critical edition of Stephen Langton’s Quaestiones Theologiae, Book I, containing 23 Quaestiones on theological language, Trinity and God’s attributes. Each question is accompanied by a critical apparatus, extensive source notes and a separate philological introduction which explains the history of transmission and the main editorial problems of each text. The volume also contains a general introduction to the whole corpus of Langton’s Quaestiones, a presentation of philosophical and theological contents of Book I (including a chapter by E. Jennifer Ashworth) and an appendix, offering the first critical edition of a short fragment of Langton’s Summa.